Between planning and chance…

“Life happens somewhere between planning and chance, creating the peace that comes from knowing you can’t know it all.”

I am paraphrasing the above line I heard in a movie today, I won’t tell you which movie because you’ll laugh and possibly judge me. =) The point is, it struck me. It struck me as so true! True because I have spent the last handful of years trying desperately to know it all. I wanted to know what life had in store for me. I came up with plan after plan after plan and at the end of many failed plans…I finally realized that the plans never made me happy, it’s when the plans went awry that I found joy. I know, a huge cliche! My life is a cliche! Please stay seated, it gets better, I promise. So, as the cliche ends and the actual originality of life begins what do we find? Mystery, yes! But don’t all mysteries need to be solved? No!

I know it’s frustrating, the nature of the human mind is to find solutions and to obliterate unknowns. Yet, the greatest irony of all is that we find our deepest peace in the unknown, in allowing life’s hand to be dealt and taking the heartache and the questions and riding them out and seeing where we land. I have never been much good at this, the riding out of things. Nor have I ever had the staying power to do so…but now, at this juncture in my life, it’s time, it’s time to explore how to be different. So, to all you readers out there (all two of you!) here’s the quest I pose for us: Begin to dance with the space between what you plan and what chance places before you, and see if you discover your heart’s yearning there.

pssst…I think they call that space magic. =)

hut photo


A conversation hut in Kerala, India.

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