I have been thinking a lot about salvation lately… Who or what is my salvation? Is it me? Is it the divine? Is it the divine in me? I’m not quite sure, I think it’s the latter, but I’ll get back to you when I figure it out. =) Anyway, here is a poem, it’s one of my older pieces that speaks to the idea that at the end of it all there is something waiting for you, something that will take you home, home to the arms of the Beloved.

Together in Truth

Don’t hide from me my love for I will find you.

Do not run in fear or abuse in confusion.

Come closer to me with every breath you take, every syllable you utter, and every orgasm you have.

You can find me on the wave of your desire, in the hush of shared ecstasy, in the sweetness of mingled bodies.

You can find me in your solitude, in your merging, or in your mithuna.

You can find me as one, as many, or as none.

I do not live in the mountains or by the sea.

I am not carried by the wind alone.

I ache with you in all the tender places.

I cry with you in all your sadness and glory.

I live because you live, yet I do not die when you die.

I am always here, never am I lost to you.

When you close your eyes and listen to your heart beat you can feel me pulsating inside of you.

I am the man, the woman and the beast.

I am that which you love and despise.

When you exited the womb you cried for me and I came to you.

I whispered the stories of your life and of the world that would be yours.

I gave you the gifts that would be your guide.

I taught you to be powerful and strong: to step, to laugh, to cry, to explore.

I built a home inside your heart and told you that I would always reside there.

Through each of your struggles I waited patiently for you to lay your head in my arms and surrender.

With each of your triumphs I heard you calling my name in praise and thanks.

I asked nothing of you. I gave you each moment to live in, wholly and completely.

When you are ready to leave, to give up your play, I will be here with open arms, ready to encircle you and take you home.

Yet I will not rush you as you enjoy, as you savor, as you struggle, as you weep, as you Live.

For I am with you constantly, yet sadly, you are not always with me.

So remember my Love,

We are together in Truth,

Separated only by the musings of your Mind.

I await our Reunion

And the sweetness of your Soul.

Because when you realize, remember and Believe

In yourself, you will be Free, and in

Freedom, you will be returned to Me.


Tree pic


Maui, a place of earthly salvation for me.

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