The silence of creation

The world became really loud for me today, my mind buzzing and my emotions flying. I nearly cried in the grocery store standing in front of the sparkling water, I ┬áhad to contain myself lest the poor folks at Trader Joe’s become fearful and make me eat more cheese samples. =) When I came home I realized that what I needed was silence. I needed to drop, I needed to be quiet, I needed to hold myself. So that’s what I did. In the silence I realized that I also needed to articulate and express what was caught in me, so I did that too. The lesson I wanted to share with you is this: silence holds creation like the sky holds the sun, so find the quietness that makes your spirit feel alive, it might make all the difference! I offer the poem below with love.


A Poem of Creation

We came into this body, into this time and space, and there was much joy in the creation of our physical form.

The Universe danced when she brought us into being.

The Elements sang as they combined to create every tendon, ligament and sinew.

The Earth poured forth her love so that our hearts could take shape.

The Heavens thundered so that our minds might be sound and strong.

The Oceans wept sweet tears so that our bodies could be suspended in her ambrosia.

Each breath that we have taken since birth has been a dance- a dance between form and formlessness.

Yet there are times when we lose sight of the dance; when our breath becomes shallow and our footsteps falter and we do not trust the Great Mother.

We falter because we ache for the warmth of her womb and we forget the truth of our origins.

We were created in the image of Her beauty.

Every cell so unique, was made just for us.

Every curve was embodied with Her love so that we might look at our own form and see the perfection of life.

So this ache, this longing for home, for warmth and shelter, was given to us so that we might always remember the source from which we came.

We are given this ache not to cause us pain, but to cause us ecstasy, so that in our intense longing we will see ourselves and our connection and know that we are whole.

Just as there is no form without spirit, no life without breath, there is no creation without love.

We exited the womb and took our place in the world so that love might be given a chance to grow in our hearts.

The Great Mother gave us this life because it is our time.

Our time to step out into the sunlight and dance.

Dance because the music beckons us to move.

Dance because the music calls us to our feet and reminds us of the rhythm of our blood pounding in our veins saying, “Live, live, live…..”

So let us live; live a life of joyous abandon because we know, deep in our hearts, that we are held, and loved.

Lake at Wellesley


The lake at my beloved Wellesley.

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