Can I…

It’s been too long and I’m curious.

I’m curious about the smell of skin,

the warmth of hands, the wetness of lips.

I wonder what you taste like.

I wonder about you.

I want to know, not just imagine, you holding me.

I want to hear your breath and listen to you whisper.

I have a heart that longs to reach out-

that wants to find you in that gentle sweet caress.

I have a heart that’s ready for mystery,

that wants to witness the unfolding-

that yearns to breathe into this Beingness with you and yet I pause…

I pause because it feels so alive and so real with you and I’m afraid.

Afraid of making mistakes, afraid of not knowing, afraid of my patterns, my past, my story and my drama.

Afraid to pollute you.

Yet, there is a part of me that knows that life, that you, that I, am bigger than all those fears and so I wonder about the biggest question of all, “Can I let you love me?”



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