One of those nights

It’s one of those nights where my soul is restless and my longing is roaming about, unfettered, inside of me.

I haven’t yet grown into the life that’s waiting for me and the life I have is expanding, ever so slowly to meet the newness,

And the pause between the two lives is heady and full and alive and I’m panting with the wanting of more.

Yet, I must move slowly, ever so tenderly…like a jungle cat moving through the underbrush.

There’s no need to hurry, no need to rush.

It’s all right here, the careful steps and the long stretches, the poignant silences and the visceral memories.

I create not to make, but to live, not to force, but to allow.

So, let me be here with you now, in this creation, in this allowing.

Tonight I sit with my longing; I take my desires and lay them out before me, greeting them like the sweet friends they are.

It’s about time I got to know them because knowing them is knowing you and knowing you is what I’m longing to do.

And in the morning, when I arise and the day’s work lays out before me and your memory glistens amongst it all, like the freshest dew, I’ll remember to be patient.

Because you’ll find your way to me, of that I am sure.

My faith is growing.

Te quiero.


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