Ode to Love

When you whisper my name across the still of the dark, black night, I am home.

When you call my heart to yours and tell me the story of your past, I am comforted.

When you take my hand and encircle it with your own, I am free.


I realize now that I have been loving you for eternity.

You have always been the whisper on the wind; the hand that is both mine and yours.

I have heard you call my name a thousand times; I just never knew it was you.

And now I do.


They had told me that loving was a bit like leaving, always out the door, before the storm, in the last breath of despair.

I thought it was dramatic, desperate, a version of myself that could never be possessed.

How could I, with a broken heart?


Then I saw that my brokenness was my wholeness; that you are the gift inside the darkest moment, the light filled journey waiting to be taken.

So, we begin.

We begin the loving out loud that has been happening silently all along.


We’ll live here in this mundaneness, in the midst of chaos and beauty and confusion.

Amongst to-do list’s and laundry and dishes and a life of simple moments, but always, when I turn to you and look into your eyes, I will know what I came for: love.


So here is my ode to loving:


Let me love you like I love the very pulse of life, sweet, intense and without hesitation.

Let me see you like I see everything that is true, with passion and aliveness.

Let me hold you like I hold everything dear, gently, tenderly and honestly.


I had hoped for a lifetime of loving, countless moments of caresses and laughter and sweet kisses.

I had hoped for only a fraction of what is possible.

So I don’t need to hope any more.

Faith is here, faith is the loving of what is, knowing there is always more to come.

For you are my faith, as I am yours, as we both are the embodiment of faith for a world on fire, caught between change and temptation, holiness and degradation.

We are the ones we came for.


And I’m finally home.

In my own skin,

Inside a love,

Between the tides,

Calling your name,

And you are here.


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