Tell me your secrets, the parts of yourself that you keep caged,

The forgotten, tender places where you don’t often go.

Tell me how you lust for life. How you ache for something more. Speak to me of your cravings, of your desires, of the you you wish to be.

Tell me something I haven’t already heard. Tell me of your life like you  want it to be. Tell me the stories you crave to unleash.

Then stop, and retreat. Run from me. Push me away. Let the words die on your lips for another day.

And it’ll be okay. It will. You can run from yourself over and over again. You can crack open the door and get scared and stop and hide. You can fall away from your truth countless times. But I will never abandon you. How could I?

We are the same, you and I.

I am the Self, the arching wisdom that runs through your soul, that widens your eyes in wonder, and whispers your name in the dark.

Seek me out and you will find the kind of peace that no earthly rumble can shake.

I am the you that the mold was made from, so take me, take me in and tell me all that you want and I will listen. I promise.

Then let me hold you  and tell you the story of your birth, the source that gifted you your life and then maybe, just maybe, you won’t want to run anymore.

Instead, you might stay and embrace the truth that speaks so softly within, the truth that utters itself over and over again: You are divine. Your birthright is love. You came so that you could know yourself and discover your divinity. So go forth, let life seduce you, let the fear grip you, let the lust overcome you. Let this human life shake you until you are on your knees and when all the outer trappings have fallen away, find yourself in the face of another. Discover yourself in the words on another’s lips, let a crow’s wings push a wind across your face that open’s your heart and makes you see…that God is here and lives in you. There is nothing to run from, all roads will lead you home.

Home to your own heart, the only place that you can ever truly hold you and keep you safe. Your own heart waits for you…so be still and let life in, there’s nowhere else to be.


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