My restless wandering spirit,

It knows no bounds.

I cannot tell it where to go or when to stay.

I only know that I crave the open road, that I long to feel the sunrise across my eyelids and the ocean upon my toes.


Oh my beloved!

Oh my relentless heart!


I’m sorry that I haven’t been listening,

that I kept you silent with my fears.

That I rode round and round your desires.


You have been whispering to me through time and space.

Calling me out into the world, wishing for me to open, to believe, to live.

And I’ve been too scared.

I’ve wanted to stay safe, be with my tribe, hold my heart close and guard myself.


It’s no way to live though, not really.

I hear you laughing and I want to join you.

I hear you calling my name and I want to come.


I want to throw open the door of adventure.

Allow myself to love, to dream, to try.

I must allow for failure and move forward in spite of judgment.

And above all, I must let myself go.


Go where the earth calls me.

Go where the beloved knows my name.

Go where the animals can find me.

Where the whales swim and the crow flies.


So take me to my medicine, to my kingdom, to my home.

I will go now.

I have courage.


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