My Love

My love is like the ocean, deep and wide.

My love is like gold, stretching through an infinity of time.

My love is like an arrow that pierces through to your soul.

My love is like an ancient Goddess, whose desires will never be told.

My love is patient, it knows no bounds.

My love is egoless, it cannot be found in the confines of the mind.

My love is like an eagle, soaring high and free.

My love is like a kiss, bestowed unto thee.


My love will stay through an eternity of moments for you,

And it will call your name into the wind…

I’ll remember you as you were, as you are, as we could have been.

And if you never find your way to me, this much I know to be true, I loved you and it was real.


So, do what you must my love.

Take your time.

Travel the wild seas.

Find your dreams and dust off your compass.

Go where the thread pulls you and your heart calls you.

Go within and come out whole.

I’ll be standing on the other side to greet you when the time arrives.

And until we meet again, know that you are loved.


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