I Am From

I am from the medicine of this earth.

I am from the whale’s song and the crow’s wing.

I am from a weary heart and a quiet dream.

I am from the longing to fly.


I am from Vedic chants that praise the Lord over and over again.

I am from whispers of a world far away.

I am from heat, from desert, from sand and sky.

I am from the wind that does not blow.


I am from a silent mother and an angry father.

I am from coldness, from sorrow, from tears.

I am from being different, from never knowing quite how to fit in this world.

I am from science, from poetry, from languages taught and lost.


I am from healing, from the heart that has been broken and repaired a thousand times over.

I am from the desperation to live fully, to be worthy, to know love.

I am from the desire for motherhood.

I am from the girl that had too big a heart and too many dreams.

I am from the woman that knows the world is mysterious, unknowable.


I am from surrender, from letting go of who I was and embracing who I am becoming.

I am from a world on fire, from humanity burning and crashing and thundering.

I am from the stillness of a single flower, the essence of one petal.

I am from the drop in the ocean, the ripple in a wave.

I am from spirit that wants to go home.


I am from here, from there, from everywhere.

I am from the soul that seeks form and the body that longs to be free.

I am from the love of my brothers and sisters.

I am from the Goddess, and so I shall return.


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