Doorway to Love

It’s the losing of love that makes us who we are.

And I have lost a lot.

And I have loved a lot.

I have loved insanely, with abandon and without hope.

I have loved purely for the sake of loving.

I have loved in the hopes of finding myself, of discovering truth and joy.


I have never loved enough though.

It will never be enough.

I will always want to love more, give more, and be more.

It is the human condition: the need to love.


However, I have lived enough to know the depths of my own heart.

And what lies in those depths is this: I can’t love you in place of myself.

I can’t say yes to you and no to myself.

I can’t give you what you need and relinquish my desires in the process.

I cannot honor you if I do not honor myself.


This is why this world is on fire, burning a hole into itself.

Few people love themselves; truly, deeply and with an embodied heart.

How can we make a world of love if we cannot honor the love that lies within?


So let us begin to experience life like a doorway.

Walk into and allow that which is good and kind and honest.

Grab the doorknob and say no to that which is hurtful, disrespectful and dis-empowering.

No one can take you away from yourself but you.

So come back home.

Write yourself a love letter.

Treat yourself like the divinity that you actually are.

Don’t pretend that you are less than what you are.

The world is full of people that have lost themselves in the pretending.

Don’t do that.

Pay attention to the stillness in your heart.

When you love, love from the inside out.

Never let anything pull you from your truth.

That way, when you love, you will be able to bear any loss that comes your way;

For you will never be obliterated when you have yourself.

Because even grief can bring fireworks when you follow the light of your own soul.

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