A Good Man’s Love 1

This is an old piece that I wanted to post as it is was a prayer in poetic form, an articulation of my soul’s desire. And now, that prayer is taking shape and becoming real. So here’s a shout out to the old me, the twenty-eight year old version of myself who was (and is) still learning the shape and contours of love.


A Good Man’s Love

A few good men…

Yes, it is a rare good man to be found these days.

One who gives of himself with honesty and integrity.

A man who does not shy away from the deepest, darkest places of himself.

Someone who looks in the mirror and acknowledges what he sees, who accepts himself for all of who he is, and all of who he is not.

Where is this type of man?

This heart so strong, this body so inviting, this mind so open…where does this kind of man reside?

Tell me please, give me his address, his location, his coordinates and I will find him.

Open myself to him, surrender, give, and in return he will partake and surrender too.


Where is that fragile doorway between woman and man, where the whole of the universe lives in a single embrace?

I have seen it but I do not want a fleeting romance, a blaze that burns and quickly fades.

I want a slow, smoldering bonfire that warms the winters of my heart; that roasts the frozen waters of my faith.

This I want, for all eternity, to reside on my life’s hearth, to teach my children and build my home.

I think this is not too much to ask, it is what we all deserve.


Perhaps if we all stood up and took an honest account of our life, we might be able to admit that this desire for family and community is at the core of our being and we ache for it like we ache for the warmth of our mother’s womb.

And while some may never decide to create a community, a family, let us at least honor this part of ourselves, this part that longs to take another into ourselves and show them who we are.

For it is not the telling that makes life worthwhile, it is the sharing.

So do not lie to me, or tell me half truths, only please, look in the mirror and tell me what you wish to see.

For I wish to see a woman who knows she is worthy of a good man’s love.


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  1. Reply Resonant Jul 7,2015 5:16 am

    I hope to live up to this… So resonant

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