I felt the rain this afternoon like a wet embrace wrapping around my soul.

She whispered sweet nothings in my ear.

Told me to be patient, to be kind, to breathe.

She told me to listen to life unfold, to hear the ripples of energy wash over the ocean and notice the clouds dancing in the mist.

She counseled me to be quiet with the turmoil within, to listen to the way that life felt, to hear the sound of my soulbeat and follow its pulse.

And I realized that I could. That it was not so difficult to let the ego go

or catch a dream on a raindrop, or splash through the puddles and muddles of life.


As I watched the water pour down I thought about you.

I wondered why you weren’t here and how I might have kept you from coming.

I wished that I could go back and say something different, be different.

But I know that I couldn’t have, I had to arrive at this moment, in this capacity, with surrender laid out in my open hand, my heart unclenched and love shining through my eyes.

Now all I can do is pray, pray that you’ll find your way to me, pray that my love finds you, pray that my destiny awaits me, yearns for me to fulfill it and calls me forth even when I have forgotten the steps.

So come find me.


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