The word mitote, which is a ┬áToltec word, is used to describe a chaotic marketplace where scores of people jabber at each other without listening. This term can also be used to refer to the state of the average person’s mind: “a multitude of voices with different agendas, each promoting it’s own desires while barely acknowledging the others.” I think this is very true- at any given moment people have so many different parts of themselves that it seems almost impossible to be content with everything in one’s life- because each phase of life represents a different part of who you are.

I am happy to be in this phase of life which I am in now—yet I feel empty sometimes. Although I realize that this is part of travelling, a bit here, a bit there and nowhere in between. I travel because I am searching for lost pieces of myself amongst humanity. When I go to new places I find a new part of myself there–among the people I meet and the beauty of the earth that exists around me. Each place is different because when you breathe the air there; you ┬ábreathe in that moment, that new face, those lights, that laughter, the twinkle in someone’s eye, the feeling of someone’s open heart and somehow, without realizing it, you begin to evolve. Life begins to work on you and little by little you transform yourself, if you allow it.

This transformation is what I seek on the open road. This emerging self is what I am looking to birth. I have recently realized that perhaps what I do is not as important as who I am. Put another way, my ‘doing’ work in the world comes after my ‘being’ work. Who I am in a moment of stillness within my own mind and heart is the real generator. The world can only offer me what I create within myself. So then the question is: What is it that I want to create? As I speak so I create. How can I calm the mitote of the mind into a more single unified wholeness of self? A self that seeks and moves together, with grace in the infinite present dancing towards an evolving now. Hmmmm….that my fellow seekers is the kind of question that will beg yet another question and another question and another until you realize that questions of the soul really only get answered by waking up each morning and living…

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