Sacred or Scared?

I am sacred. Wow..I meant to type that I am scared and instead I typed sacred, which is also true. Why am I scared? I am scared of that which I do not know, of the details I have not yet figured out, of the finances I do not yet have, of the plans that I have not yet completed. I am scared because I do not know. Yet what is it to not know? True knowing is to have faith. Unshakable faith in oneself and the grand order of the universe.

I can feel in the stillness that everything will work out, but because I cannot see it or my mind cannot grasp it, I worry. I worry because that is what I was taught to do. I worry because I was born to believe that I must struggle for all that I want and need and that I am not entitled to all that is or will be. Yet I am entitled! I know this in every crevice of my being, I know that I am invincible because I am a child of God. I know that I belong and I am not separate. I am cared for in every single possible way and that all is truly provided. Yet, this fear remains….what is this fear, it is the fear that I and all that I wish to do and be in this life is not enough. My fear is that things will not grow and blossom and that answers will not be revealed to me. I fear that I will falter and my life will not bear fruit. I must take each step with the confidence that all will be shown to me in due course and as my faith grows, my fear diminishes. So I will slowly and surely live my way into the sacred and out of the scared.

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