The World: Part 1


The World: Part I

I asked for a kiss and the world gave me a bittersweet song.
I needed a hug and the world ran along.
There were days when the living was too much to bear and still, the world couldn’t be there.
Society said, “Life is painful, why bother?”
And I thought, Why not?
Please let’s be bothered, let’s weep for this is all we have.
How else must it be?
Let’s not be afraid to push through, to struggle with the beauty and tragedy of this life.
Yet, we seem to need something more, something which we cannot name, something that is just beyond what our waking eyes can see.
Something that lives inside this world’s destiny.
Yet this world never could quite honor the mystery that lays hidden within the deepest spaces of the universe.

Now we must move forward or perish.
This game is coming to a close, this dance between our pain and our heritage is quickening.
We want to let go, go, go.
Let go like the leaves let the wind move them.
Let go like the wave surrenders to the tide.
Let go and truly come alive.

It is time to say goodbye to all this blundering righteousness, to say goodbye to duality,
to say goodbye to separation.
And in this goodbye may we be released into the night of our collective memory,
and into the dawn of who we can become, leaving behind the past of who we no longer are.
To thine own self be free, this world’s heartache is a message for you and me.


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