Satya: Stating only that which embodies truth

“Understand the truth of who you are and live from that truth in every moment.”

It can be difficult to know how to separate the truth from desire; to distinguish with honesty and clarity, what is true and what is an idea or a concept in your mind that you wish to be true. Yet you can begin…
To know that some days you are not capable of all that you wish to be; truth is acceptance.
To know that an event will not always follow your efforts or needs; truth is surrender.
To know that the moments of life are chaotic and that chaos can be embraced and in it we can find serenity; truth is peace.
To know that when we articulate what is in our heart, deep in the essence of who we are, we find freedom; truth is honesty.
To know that the ability to look at the clouds, to feel the rain, and to laugh is vital to your livelihood; truth is joy.
To know that truth lives inside of you in each and every moment, then you will know the beauty of life which has been waiting for you.

My Truth

My truth is so wondrous, so joyous, and so compassionate; it breaks my heart and rebuilds it again everyday.
When I speak and the truth flowers from my being, I know my strength and my power.
It doesn’t matter if you see it, or if you even feel it- what matters is that I know.
I know my truth, I know it when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, deep into my own eyes.
I know it in the face of adversity, in the face of happiness, and in the midst of confusion.
I know that I am a Being of Light and that I live with love.
Yet I am not perfect, my truth is not always clear, my life is not an oasis.
I live in the world and as a result my truth shifts, rotates and metamorphoses each day.
Sometimes my truth is revealed to me in ways that are painful or difficult; yet it is the seed within the heartache that guides me into my heart of hearts and shows me what I have refused to see.
I can hold my truth in the palm of my hand or in the hollow of my heart or in the emptiness of my mind; wherever I hold my truth, it comes alive inside of me and I can use it as a guide.
I can return to my truth through my breath, through the movement of my body or the sound of my voice; I can remind myself that which I had forgotten.
Truth is my essence, my life-force that lives in every moment of my existence, I can forget it, ignore it, overlook it, or fight it, yet it remains.
When I flow with my truth I evolve and I experience life with joy and ease; when I fight my truth I suffer.
Yet life is suffering, life is a fluctuation of truth and lies, of acceptance and judgment, of love and fear, of growth and destruction.
Life is an ebb and flow, a crashing of the world upon the shores of your mind.
The trick is to find the truth within; the quiet, subtle voice of your spirit that lives underneath the duality.
Whenever I hear this voice I pause briefly as one does with a spectacular sunset or an overwhelming emotion, I pause because it catches me by surprise.
I want to run towards it, beg it, plead with it, ask it to guide me and never leave me.
Yet I do not, I listen instead, I listen to the stillness, I listen to the love and slowly I begin to hear the answers to my unasked questions.
With those answers I move, gracefully, confidently and joyously in the direction of my destiny.


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