Letter from Earth

Dear Humanity,


I see you and I am overjoyed-

I know that you are trying.

You don’t know how exactly,

Or in what way to reach towards the light,

But when I look into your face,

I know that you are succeeding.


Steps may be small and fumbling,

But you’re doing it!


And I, like the benevolent mother,

Am watching and waiting.

My branches reach out to give you shade,

And my rivers run to wash you clean

And my butterflies float to give you hope.


Every day we are dreaming a new world together-

You, the crazed and inspired artisan,

And I your canvas full of green and blue.


I know you are learning to be more kind

And loving with yourself- and in turn with me too.

So I sing you songs in your sleep-

I bring the stars close to kiss you on your forehead and

I ask the comets to whiz by and say hello.


For you, my darling human, are one of the rarest species in

All the Galaxies.

You love so fiercely and hate so deeply.


I have tried to teach you the ancient ways,

To guide you in the footsteps of your medicine people-

But you are stubborn!

So many ascended masters have come and gone and you

Remained impenetrable,

Like the heaviest mountain you would not budge.


But now you are shaking and quaking.

Beginning to listen to the deep rumbling of a dissatisfied soul,

You have become a restless sleeper.

No longer will you slumber in your ignorance,

But still, you are fearful of fully awakening.


So let me comfort you my love,

“Wake up, wake up, wake up.”

We are ready for you,

And you are ready for yourself.


Set aside that ego, stretch wide your heart

And return to the bosom of creation.

I am waiting for you and have come to

Take you home.


All my love,



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