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Well, what I can I say about myself? My name is Anuradha Gandhi. You can call me Anu if we ever meet in person. I am 33 years old. I have been writing poetry since I was 7, no joke! It started with trying to get out of a silly writing assignment and instead I started a lifelong passion. Why am I writing this blog you might ask? The reason is simple, I need an outlet… I need to write and put my thoughts and feelings out there and let them fly. Poetry has always been my heart’s salvation, so this blog is my way of honoring the words that move through me, holding the faith that they will guide me and possibly others too.

Most people that will read this blog probably already know me in some capacity or another so I don’t feel the need to go into detail about my life story, so let me just offer this… I am writing this for me, and for me to share me with you. I hope that in offering these poems, these thoughts, this honesty, I can expand into a more authentic version of myself. A version of myself that is a little gentler, a little more patient, and much more open with a greater capacity for aliveness. So, this blog is my start, my softening into the self that I have held back for so long, the self I have been longing to share. Thank you for reading!

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Me, blowing kisses to you!


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