“The world shrinks or expands according to one’s courage.”

I re-discovered this quote recently and it caught my eye. I do believe it to be true, in fact, I feel that I am living it right now. I left a life that was known, familiar and safe to go out on the open road in search of adventure and knowledge (knowledge of self acquired through exploration) and recently I find myself feeling afraid, lacking in the courage to continue expanding. I can speculate about the changing circumstances or the environment here in Utah, but it always comes back to self, right? What is the block, the disharmony that I am experiencing within?… Well, yesterday I hit a wall within myself where I couldn’t deny or lie to my heart any longer. I WANT MORE! We always want more, yes, of course. But the more I want is MORE OF MYSELF: to fully bring myself and my heart, talents and gifts into the world around me and when I am not doing that (such as now) I feel fear that I won’t, can’t or don’t know how to. So, let me call bullshit on myself once and for all. That is not true! I can do and be anything!! The Earth needs each and every one of us to live our fullest selves. And I for one, think it’s about time we all got down to the business of being our most wild, true, beautiful and authentic selves…

“Creativity is a by-product of dreaming.” -Osh0

“In silence and in waiting, something goes on growing, your authentic being.”


Quote Photo

I took this photo in Singapore, it just seemed to say it so well.



How awesome is this?!


“Forgiveness is an act of self-love.”

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